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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 20, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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proud, raj. his parents shared memories of his going to this high school and who went on to study at uc berkeley and hastings school of law. they shared some very personal stories and it is those memories that are giving them the strength to move on. >> where ever we were with him, and we visited him in morocco and saudi and tunisia, and he was as at home as if we in piedmont. >> reporter: chris stevens' mother and stepdad say that's what set their son apart. he just returned home -- they just return home from washington. he was killed in an attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi last week. >> he was not the type of diplomat to sit in the office and attend receptions and just be a formal person. he was a man of the people. >> i'm perfectly aware that there was danger. there was danger almost every place he went. >> reporter: stevens' mother
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said she learn long ago not to worry. she said her son inherited his curious and outgoing nature from his grandfather and was on the go from the start. in fact, trips to the park kept her on her toes. >> chris would take off, cross toward the street. i would run out and get him and bring him back and he would take off in the other direction and i would run off and get him. he was a really active little guy. he wasn't always -- and just kind of, you know, busy. >> and he didn't stop. he studied abroad in high school and college. and did a stint in the peace corps before ultimately taking on a career in the foreign service. the east bay remained home and ties to his family stayed strong. >> he was a great big brother. he watched over his brother and his sisters and -- sister, and he was a responsible person. >> in the 36 years i was privileged to be a stepfather, i
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never once saw him lose his temper or utter a harsh word or an impreindication ever. >> with the ceremonies in washington now complete, be steven's parents are pouring through well wishes themselves made a website for friends to post remembrances as they deal with their loss. >> i felt like since i'm the matriarch here, i had to do what hillary clinton said. dry my tears and straighten my spine and be a person. you know? be an american that just gets on with doing what they're supposed to do. >> chris is upstairs now on the bed where he slept. his ashes are there. but he is really here. and i don't mean that he is hearing what we're saying or -- but he is now part of us. so that's inseparable.
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>> reporter: steven's famy is in the process of planning his memorial that will be held in the bay area at the end of the month or early next month. and we are told that everyone will be invited to attend. they will lay him to rest in a private ceremony at the family burial plot in grass valley. that's where he was born and that's the grandfather -- where the grandfather he so look up to was also laid to rest. reporting live in piedmont. nbc bay area news. >> a powerful interview, thank you. they raised an honorable son. there are two new developments in the aftermath of that deadly attack in libya. white house spokesman jay carney now says it is self-evident the attack was an act of terrorism. it is the first time the administration has characterized last week's assault in that way. he said the fbi is looking at indications that the individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. also today, secretary of state hillary clinton announced she
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will appoint an independent panel to review the circumstances which led to the attack. >> back here at home. he said he fought hard behind closed doors for his officers. san jose police chief chris moore is being candid about a host of issues days after announcing his retirement. nbc' reporter sat down at san jose police headquarters with that interview. damien? >> reporter: the chief has another four months before he officially retires. my questions to him were not easy today. he admitted some frustration with the san jose city council and also admits his departure might be a good thing for everyone. he has been crunching the numbers for the last two years and doesn't like the way they add up. fewer cops, more crime, and the city council that voted not to put a tax measure on the ballot to hire more officers. >> it was very frustrating. put it that way. >> reporter: frustrating, he said, that the city council didn't let voters decide. >> they didn't get the
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opportunity. >> was that the breaking point for you? >> people said that. i think that was a major reason. >> reporter: moore is leaving the force where his officers wanted him to forcefully take on city hall. to demand more officers and resources and to protect their pay. >> were you pounding your fists on that table? >> i think there are a few tables that have marks in city hall. >> reporter: but his officers didn't see those fights and gradually lost their leader. morale is low. veteran officers are leaving by the dozen. >> is your depart you part of that healing process maybe? >> it might be. i don't like to view it in those terms. my retirement is my retirement. 30 years in this business is a long time. >> reporter: moore said only time will tell if leaving will help morale. >> what's your biggest regret? >> my biggest regret is that i couldn't bring both sides together to get a negotiated agreement on retirement. >> reporter: mediating pension reform between his officers and city hall. something that is not in his job
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description. the chief says moving detectives to patrol, to curb the rise in crime was his decision. laying off officers was not. >> it is always easy to throw darts at someone when you're not having to call. >> reporter: he said the next chief will inherit it in trouble. >> how hard is it to turn in your badge? >> after 30 years, sometimes you think it is not hard. it will be difficult. >> reporter: the chief says there are a few people here within the department who are well qualified to replace him but also admitted, there are several others on the outside who are also qualified. we're live in san jose. damien trujillo. >> while we have you, you've covered him for many years. any indication of what he'll do next now perhaps? >> reporter: you know he is not one to put on his fishing hat and go fishing until the sun sets. he told me he is going to take a break for about two months and then see what's next.
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>> very good. damien trujillo reporting live from san jose. new at 6:00, one day after vallejo's mayor called for an investigation into an officer-involved shooting, the family of the man shot and killed is going one step further. family and supporters for mario romero killed this month are also requesting an independent investigation. john burriss said he will file the request with the justice department. yesterday vallejo's mayor said he would request a formal look into the case with state attorney general cam la harris. >> we're glad that the mayor has stepped up. to have the city council vote on tuesday to bring in an outside party. we do want justice for my brother mario and the rest of the shootings that occurred this year and the years before. something needs to happen. i have sons that are scared of the police. and that's not how it should be.
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>> mario romero was sitting in a parked car outside his home when police say he got out of the car and reached for what turned out to be a pellet gun. his sister claim she watched the entire incident from her bedroom wind over and that the police account is false. there have been seven officer involved shootings since may. five have been fatal. an oakland boy is recovering in the hospital tonight after his home was hit by a hail of bullets while he was sleeping. as nbc's reporter tells us, his family is both scared and frustrated that something like this could happen. >> brothers and sisters. asking why that happened. >> reporter: ana hernandez doesn't have an answer to that question. why 16 bullets were fired into her house around 1:00 this morning. some from a .38, some from a .45. one bullet bears a photo of her 11-year-old son luis antonio. another hit the boy himself. that shot traveled through the tear i don't remember wall into the master bedroom.
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through the bedroom door and an interior wall, finally into the chest of the sixth grade boy who was sound asleep on the other side underneath a cross of jesus christ. he stopped that bullet from hitting his older brother who happened to be sleeping next to him. >> just, it will be okay. just be strong. and he's going to stay strong. he's doing good in the hospital. >> reporter: what is remarkable is that none of other family members crammed together in this house were hit by the bullets including grandma and her new grandchild. the family is not sure who fired those shots but two of the children believe that whoever did this picked their house at random. >> just probably wanted to scare us. it's crazy. what are you doing this for? we didn't do nothing to you all. you are hurting our family. we didn't do nothing to your
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family. my brother is suffering right now. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> the bullet pierced the boy's lung and lodged into his liver. he underwent several operations but doctors have determined it is too dangerous to remove the bullet. the good news, he is expected to recover. no arrests have been made in this case. >> he is coming back to the bay area. we just learn that president obama will be returning to town for another big money event on october 8th. tomorrow mitt romney will be here. romney will be in hillsborough for a private fund-raiser at the strawberry hill estate. tickets as high as $50,000 per person. the guest list includes hp ceo megawhitman, peter mcgowan, scott mcneeley and form he secretary of state george schultz. the event is closed to the media. a new poll shows the governor is losing ground as he works to shore up proposition 30, the tax initiative he calls violent. a uc berkeley field poll finds
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that with fewer than seven weeks until election day, prop 30 can barely claim support with 51% in favor. 36% say they'll vote against it and 13% are still unded. prop 30 would raise billions of dollars for public education by temporarily raising the sales tax and hiking the state income tax for those earning more than $250,000 a year. >> still ahead, a taste of success. the bay area company whose ipo is fueling new opt mix. also -- >> reporter: bay area apple stores prepare to sell the iphone 5, we found the guy who will get the very first one. coming up. why it is a pretty lucrative business opportunity. >> and the new changes coming to the states that will benefit veterans and their families. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. more sunshine today. the fog clearing out quicker. 85 in gilroy and 84 in walnut creek. if you're planning to get up
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early tomorrow, watch "endeavour" fly over. a little cloud cover at the golden gate bridge. we'll tell you where the forecast will be much better in a few minutes.
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this always happens when apple releases a new product. >> reporter: he's been posing for tourist pictures, he's been interviewed by lots of reporters. >> someone thought i was cool for doing this. >> reporter: and he is having a ball. >> i just turned 24. >> reporter: charlie is a young man who has spent the entire week among construction workers and apple fans, camping out in
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front of the union square apple store. getting paid good money because someone wants to be first to get an iphone 5. i said i would do it for $1,500. they took my bid. >> he had a job in the tech industry but got laid off. not to worry. task rabbiting has been paying the bills. >> task rabbit is a website and a mobile app where you can go to outsource every day jobs and tasks to people in your own neighborhood. >> i've been doing it ever since, the last two months. making more money doing this. >> it is another example of the iphone 5 helping others. task rabbit based in san francisco gets an 18% service fee on its deals. >> we've more than doubled. >> this is the biggest apple launch. >> of anything? >> yeah, i believe so. >> and charlie who also lives here, gets to pay for something
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more than a tent. >> i'm giving that much money, i can pay my rental for two months or get an iphone 5 and pay for one month. >> priorities after a week spent in line. >> reporter: and apple stores all over the bay area will open tomorrow morning at 8:00. among the task rabbit gigs he has had in the past, delivering a telegram while dressed as prince. reporting live in los gatos, nbc bay area news. >> they can do everything. thanks. meanwhile, day two and more glitches uncovered on apple's new operating system. we first reported people having trouble using wi-fi on the ios six system. today problems are with the maps. iphone replaced google maps with its own application and people are reporting misplaced landmarks and less detailed maps. apple said a fix is in the works. facebook is offering cooled the market. the ipo san francisco market
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called trulia is heating things up. the shares jumped about 30% in their debut today on the new york stock exchange. the company's website and mobile apps allow consumers to research home listings and neighborhoods, even to list crime stats street by street. they said the stellar release today could encourage other local tech companies that this is a good time to go public. >> slowly but surely. the golden gate highway transportation district said it is chipping away at the budget deficit. that could buy drivers a little more time before a planned toll increase goes into effect on the iconic bridge. the district which overseas the bridge maintenance and operates the ferry service is now projecting a budget shortfall of $66 million over the next five years. that's about $20 million less than projected last year. the district said it may delay the $1 toll increase set for july 2013. as of now, it costs $6 to cross the bridge if you pay cash.
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buyer beware. they're warning students that robbers are posing on campus as magazine salespeople. on september 10th, a student reported being robbed by a man selling magazine subscriptions. the victim claim when she refused the subscription, the man and two accomplices threatened her and forced her to withdraw money from a campus atm. another student reported a similar incident later that day on september 10th. yesterday the university posted a new warning and since then, multiple students have come forward with similar stories. a mexican vacation took a deadly turn for a walnut creek family. authorities say a giant wave dragged a walnut creek husband and wife into the ocean. as they walked along the los cabos beach this week. 72-year-old ted park drowned and his 66-year-old woman was hurt. a navy boat found his body hours later. a health check for rangers
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and other people who work there. state public health officials want to survey yoss emworkers to conif i recall they have not been exposed to the deadly hantavirus. it is carried in the droppings of deer mice. nine people who spend time at the park this summer have been affected. three have died. all but one stayed at the signature cabins. those cabins have plywood walls and mice nested there. usually somebody only has one or two cases of the hantavirus per year. almost always as higher elevations. a bit cool today but it was beautiful. let's get a check of the forecast. >> a lot warmer in the interior valleys with all of that sunshine and the fog clearing out a little bit. we had 81 in livermore and 85 in gilroy. that's the warmest we've had over the last three to four days and bumping to 79 in santa rosa. 64 in san francisco and 75 in redwood city. all of the heat, of course, this time of year down in southern california, palm springs, at a very hot 105. also, fresno into the low 90s.
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not only do we have the onshore flow but that slightly film of air across northern california that is producing widespread 60s across the bay and more milder than you've had the last couple nights. 75 and also 75 in gilroy and enjoying some sweet weather right now from santa teresa back into los gatos. we have clear skies across san jose. just a little bit of some high cloud cover. very gorgeous. here's good news for "endeavour" flyover tomorrow. no extensive fog at the current hours. the big question remains. will we be able to see the "endeavour" flyover if you're headed to the golden gate bridge? let's take a look. the bridge is up over 700 feet so the shuttle will be between the golden gate bridge and the low clouds that will be up above. we're forecasting 1750 feet
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cloud cover. the planned flight area is just below that. so it looks like we're in somewhat of that sweet spot to be able to see that shuttle fly right over the golden gate bridge. however, we won't be totally clear. we'll have a few areas of patchy clouds and also a little fog. it looks like the best location, nasa knows what they're doing with thousands of people headed out to moffett field. we'll be here. we'll have some broken clouds at the 9:00 hour with temperatures in the 50s. here's the other thing to note. nasa is updating the time between 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning for the shuttle to fly over. again, stay tuned for more updates on that. they have pushed this back due to low clouds in the area. so they're hoping that a lot more people here across the peninsula will be able to see the "endeavour" as it flies over. at 9:00, we'll have the fog against the coastline. also in san francisco, watch right here as we advance this into 10:00. notice how it starts to push back. we'll see that as we head to 11:00 as well. pretty good right now to be able to see the "endeavour" at
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moffett field. as for this weekend, we'll have the slow system moving across the west. it looks like the drier track will bring us cooler weather as we head into the weekend and a few areas of patchy fog. it looks like the patch of showers yesterday is somewhat out of the picture. we'll have the full forecast coming up. >> thanks so much. it was a thrill they had not expected. coming up, what led to a malfunction that led riders at this amusement park stuck in the air for hours. and a s.w.a.t. showdown. why s.w.a.t. teams from across the state are converging in the south bay. stay with us.
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training with a competitive edge. the best in the west s.w.a.t. competition kick off today at the sheriff's range in san jose. 36 teams from across the west coast will compete in seven events including the jungle trail, the sniper course, and a live fire house in which real ammunition is used. the total points earned in each event are combined to determine
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which team earns the title, best in the west. the event is much more than just a competition. >> it is competition and you can see how competitive everybody is. but the real purpose is see the tactics of the other team, to test your tactics, to see how you fit with other agencies, so the team can get to know each other. there are a lot of benefits but the team members take it as competition. >> the winner will be announced tomorrow. the sonoma sheriff's office took home the best in the west title last year. in sacramento, several bills to benefit the veterans got the governor's signature today. once their service is ended and the parade is over, the governor says the 18 bills signed today will help maintain the honor and dignity of the men and women who served. one bill reinstates benefits for gay soldiers who are discharged if they lose federal benefits. others help with college tuition and expedites the process when they apply for professional licenses. so far so good. after two days of allowing
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california to register to vote online, the state already has thousands of new voters. the secretary of state's office launched the program wednesday morning and within 18 hours, nearly 10,000 people had signed up. by midday today, the number climbed to nearly 20,000. applicants must have either a driver's license or a state i.d. card. the deadline to register is october 22nd. still to come at 6:00, admitting defeat. president obama heads to a battleground state and admits, quote, a failure. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people are expected to show up here at moffett field tomorrow to watch the space shuttle "endeavour." coming up, i'll tell you about important last-minute changes. plus, his name is synonymous with the water. why the son of explorer jacque cousteau was in the bay area.
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it quite a sight, isn't it? space shuttle "endeavour" flew back to its birth place from houston to edwards air force base in southern california. tomorrow, will be we'll be able to see it here and we have a change in the schedule. it is now scheduled to arrive about one hour later than originally planned. nbc's marian has the new itinerary and joins us from mountain view, the site of the big party tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely. they've already set up chairs here but you can expect to stand because the crowds are expected to be very, very big. and be sure and have your camera ready. because that flyover is only going to last about 40 seconds. it is this sight, the final flight of the space shuttle "endeavour" carried on the back of a 747 into retirement. it is expected to bring thousands of people here to mountain view tomorrow morning.
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crews spent the day gearing up for huge crowds. >> we expect anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 people to come right here to moffett field. our gates will be open very early. we've encouraged people to walk, bike, take lightrail. we've given away all of our passes. >> reporter: if you don't have a pass and you want to come, you'll need to walk or bike. that won't deter them. >> i think it will be cool to see one of the space shuttles like right near us. >> reporter: this model is one-third the size of the actual space shuttle. it was used inside a wind tunnel here at nasa ames to test the initial design of the space shuttle. many see the flyover as a tribute to the hundred of scientists who developed the shuttle's heat shield and trained astronauts. while the pilot of the nasa 747 navigates the skies with the shuttle atop the aircraft tomorrow, you'll have to do a little navigating, too.
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the california highway patrol warns motorists to pay attention to the traffic and don't pull off on the highway to watch the shuttle. on the golden gate bridge, operators are making no special plans for when the shuttle flies over at 1500 feet. they say they'll do what is required to maintain safety. wherever you go to watch the shuttle, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> no space shuttle in the history of the space shuttle program has ever been to northern california. and after tomorrow, no space shuttle will ever again be in northern california. this is a unique opportunity to see the end of a major program and marking the beginning of the new era of space exploration. >> reporter: and "endeavour" many believe is worth witnessing with their own eyes. other suggested places to watch the shuttle tomorrow morning include shoreline park. once again the shuttle flyover here in the bay area has been delayed by an hour.
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so you won't likely get to see it until about 9:30 up until 10:30 tomorrow morning. reporting live at moffett field where the gates open at 6:00 a.m., nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people looking forward to this. thank you. "endeavour" did make a sentimental flyover in tucson today. that's where former arizona representative gabby giffords and her astronaut husband mark kelly watched from a parking garage. kelly was "endeavour's" last commander and he requested it sail over tucson to honor his wife. giffords who is recovering after being shot in the head last week was said to be elated and started hooting and hollering as soon as she spotted that flyover. meanwhile, kelly reminisced by saying that's my spaceship. indeed it is. if you cannot see the flyover in person in the bay area, we've got you covered. we'll be breaking into programming to bring it to you live right here on nbc bay area on the tv side. also, we'll be streaming it live
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on our website at once again, golden gate bridge, about 9:30 a.m. and then down to mountain view. that's at in other news, a south bay sex crime case is getting more attention than usual because the man accused of abusing two female relatives is also the father of the man charged with killing the missing teen. 51-year-old is charged with 18 sex crime against two female relatives. one of them claim the abuse started when she was 4 years old. now a young mom, she said she pressed charges to protect her own children. the mercury news reports the molestation happens in the same san martin home where 21-year-old garcia torres grew up. he is jailed without bail, accused in the murder of seer a lamar back in march. her body has never been found. some very good news for firefighters everywhere. a firefighter in san jose whose heart stopped while he was battling a fire three week ago is now out of the hospital and
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back on the job shortly. doctors released him yesterday. he went into cardiac arrest while battling a fire at st. patrick's church in downtown san jose last month. doctors say his fellow firefighters saved his life. that includes his captain who says as soon as ryan was released yesterday, he visited the crew at station one where he had been for a decade. >> he is a great guy, a lot of fun. he loves the fire department. a long time station one guy. >> is there a little more pep now that he's back? >> i think everybody was emotional. it was just a great day when we walked through the door yesterday to see it. to see him come back and visit was wonderful. >> reunited. since his collapse, ryan has never been alone. firefighters kept an around the clock vigil at the hospital while he recovered. ryan plans to return to the department in a few months.
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decision 2012 for the white house today. they were both in florida, a vital swing states. the polls are close but all the issues are in play. >> reporter: florida is the biggest of the battleground states that will decide this election. with the highest percentage of spanish, 21% and the big segment on medicare, 18%. obama florida volunteers see sunshine in the latest polls. the president leads mitt romney by 2% as he came to miami today. with spanish language, he claimed he fail to deliver immigration reform. >> i have never wavered in my support of comprehensive immigration reform. we did put forward a dream act and was blocked and that stabs in contrast with the other candidate who said he would veto the dream act. >> reporter: last night at the same forum, mitt romney tried to
6:36 pm
fix the fallout from the secret tape made in florida in may. romney dismissing 47% of voters. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america. and i'm concerned about them. >> reporter: romney held a rally in sarasota. >> what you have today is a president who says he can't fix washington from the inside. it is time to get a president who understands what it takes to get america working again and i do. >> reporter: he got help with latinos and seniors from senator marco rubio. >> mitt romney and paul ryan get it. medicare is going broke. that's not politics. it is math. anyone who wants to leave medicare like it is is for letting it go bankrupt. >> reporter: here's more math. florida is a must-win battleground for republicans. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. an actress in the controversial anti-islamic movie lost her first battle in court today. cindy lee garcia asked for an emergency injunction to get the
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film, innocence of muslims, removed from youtube. the judge rejected her request. garcia has filed a lawsuit against the filmmaker for fraud and slander. the filmmaker has gone into hiding. she said he lied to her about the movie saying it was an arabian adventure film. the 14-minute video mocks the prophet mohammed. you tube has refused to remove it from the website despite the plea from garcia and the white house but has blocked people from seeing in it saudi arabia, egypt and libya because it violates laws in those countries. we know why a thrill ride at knots berry farm malfunctioned. cal osha said a break froze up. it seized up as it was starting its descent. they had to manually use the break and crank it to the ground. it is the second time it has broken down in two weeks. the riders were about 300 feet
6:38 pm
in the air. this happened yesterday at about the same time. osha is still reviewing maintenance records, mechanical procedures and other issues with this ride. for thatly no one was hurt. knott's berry farm is near anaheim. still to come. too toxic for lunch. the popular food not safe for children. a.o.l. anothnother chilly n. fremont at 59. get ready, the san francisco giants back at it again on friday. comcast sportsnet at 7:15. right now the magic number is four.
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in health matters, some consumer groups are urging the department of agriculture to take canned tuna out of school lunch rooms. they want parents to elittle night it all together from their kids' diets. a new report says that tuna may lead to mercury poisoning in children. the am differed greatly in each can. the mercury policy project advises children should never eat albacore tuna and be limited to only one serving a month of light tuna if they're un55 pounds. despite this report, the fda is standing by its recommendation that children can consume limited amounts of tuna. we are warming up a bit. >> the them couple days, a brief warm-up before we start to cool down. let's take a live look outside our skycam.
6:42 pm
this is incredible. after all that fog, a lot of sunshine right now. we'll have details on that "endeavour" forecast. and also your weekend in just a few. and i'm at the xfinity sports desk. things are heating up at the at&t park. we've got the details.
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guess who is celebrating a birthday. b.a.r.t. is celebrating its 40th birthday this month. they're giving away 40,000 free rides to bay area students going on field trips. b.a.r.t. is also happeneding out vouchers beginning tomorrow. be on the lookout. next week the agency will be giving, here's the good part. free ice cream at san francisco's powell station and the rock ridge station. >> you wear an anniversary sticker tomorrow, randomly you get picked by an employee and you're one of the thousand people who get one of those $40 vouchers. the marine mammal center is known for rescuing injured mammals but it is also known for education. today was visited by one have to biggest name in ocean exploration. >> reporter: anyone who has ever pondered the ocean and its
6:45 pm
creatures knows the name cousteau. the famed explorer jacque cousteau educated generations with his journeys beneath the world's waters. today that journey is carried on by his son. environmentalist and filmmaker jean michele cousteau. >> when i was a teenager, i would go away from school about three or four months a year. on the ship. gone. somewhere. >> reporter: cousteau was educated on the water, learning its secrets and its lessons. today he brought those lessons to sausalito's marine mammal center where he spent the day educating young students. >> for me, reaching out to children who are the decision makers of tomorrow is the best investment that one can make. >> reporter: like scientists warning of climate change and vanishing species, cousteau charts all lessons back to the sea. >> remember every time you drink a glass of water, you're
6:46 pm
drinking the ocean. you go skiing on the mountain, you're skiing on the ocean. >> really shows that there are things you can do to make a change. and it makes things a lot more real. >> reporter: with cousteau and dozens of cool kids looking on, the marine mammal center released three injured sea lions back to health. to cousteau it is the kind of educational experience that hits home to young people. >> you get the best programs on television, on your website, on your computer, there is nothing that can replace being there, seeing, smelling, touching. >> reporter: cousteau spends his life touring the world. film and spreading his love of oceanography. i think a birth right he feels compelled to share with others. >> of course we have a mission. we want to share with people what we have had the privilege to see. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> amazing images.
6:47 pm
there some of the biggest name in oceanography. >> let's get a check of the forecast with jeff ranieri. >> we are on fog watch. counting down the hours until the "endeavour" flyover on our friday and this is the best news we've seen all week. nothing in the way of marine layer building right now immediately offshore. so that undoubtedly here boding well. better weather there for that morning forecast. right now, the temperature dropping to the widespread 60s across the bay. holding on to slightly milder air with plenty of low to mid 70s. let's take you outside to that live hd network on this thursday. i almost said friday but not quite there. you will see some haze. the air quality is suffering with this warmer air trapped above. nonetheless, some very blue skies today down into parts of the south bay. let's bring you up to san francisco. we talked about the fog-free picture. it does not get better than this. the sun setting and also, looking at those fog-free conditions. let's get you to the next 48 hours. we've been tracking this
6:48 pm
stubborn system for the last five days. it has been so slow. the next 48 hours, it will start moving and here's the big difference from yesterday. it will be on more of a drier storm track. so this point, it looks like we're out of the question for showers on the weekend. it looks drier but also cooler. we'll have some warmer air from the south. it will give us this real big mix friday and saturday with our temperatures. a huge contrast. and then 70s to 80s in the interior and minutes some slightly cooler air. the big question for many of you, will we be able to see the "endeavour" as it gets close to the golden gate bridge. up 746 feet. the expected cloud line, anywhere from just above 1,500 feet to about 2,000 feet. right now, it looks like the planned flight level will be just below the cloud line and we should be able to see something. it won't be totally clear though. we'll have a few areas of patchy clouds lingering.
6:49 pm
overall, our fog futurecast starts to slide back the cloud cover throughout 8:00 and 9:00. you can see by 9:00 a.m., we'll have the low clouds at the coastline. but at moffett field, right now the computer projections are showing mainly broken clouds and we should have some sunshine. this is a much better forecast than we had two days ago. do you all know how that fog forecast goes? as we head to friday. we hear thousands of people will be going that way at 9:00, temperatures in the 50s. we'll have some cloud cover but also, enough clearing that you should be able to see it. nasa just in the past hour, pushing back the affected flyover from 9:30 to 10:00 in the morning due to the low clouds we just tracked. did you know the space shuttle "endeavour" arrived at the kennedy space center back in 9391? it has had 25 missions, 299 days in space and circled the earth 4671 times. unreal. as for tomorrow morning, we'll
6:50 pm
start with 40s into the north bay and daytime highs should top out. even a little warmer. 84 in morgan hill. 74 in palo alto. mid 80 for the east bay. definitely one of the warmest days of the week. 69 in san francisco. 84 in santa rosa. the three-day forecast has numbers eventually dropping by sunday for the first full day of fall. no rainfall. we could get some coastal drizzle and also a few areas of fog as we head throughout sunday. again, it looks like that storm system will be moving over sunday will be on the drier side. and it looks pretty good as we head throughout next week. i'm all jazzed up about the "endeavour" forecast and jeff grew up in florida. you saw it take off for the very first time. >> several times. it climbed of gives me goose bumps. i'm a science geek. >> we know where we'll be tomorrow morning. let's get to sports. this is supposed to be a torturous month of a close playoff chase. >> that's how it usually is
6:51 pm
every year. there's a country club for the giants right now. >> the giants are breaking from the script. i don't know what's going on with all these lop-sided games but tell you what. if you don't have tickets to at&t park this coming weekend, you'd better get working. it is looking a lot like the giants could clinch the nl west crown against the padres. they finished off the rockies as raj alluded to. pablo sandoval provided the biggest three-run shot in the fourth. his second home run of the day. made the '72 giants, the very next batter was buster posey and he would not be outdone. he leaves the yard with his 23rd of the season. the giants win 9-2. thanks in large part to the panda. >> going to home plate. if you're going, i just support my team. doing my job. >> those swings were not out of
6:52 pm
control. he got some good pitches. actually, the ball he hit left-handed was a pretty good pitch. and so i think that helped relax him along with some time here. just getting the hand healed up and building some strength. >> this is a lot of energy. a lot of positive energy. everybody, the chemistry in this clubhouse is very special. >> it is a similar time. it is different in its open right. a different group of guys. different mentality. a lot of us who are still here from that team, we carry that experience with us and it is paying off right now. and it is clicking. yeah. doing pretty well. >> yeah. we are like nine game ahead but it is not over yet. >> the a's have proven they can bounce back from adversity all season and they'll have to do it yet again. the team found the starting pitcher brett anderson will miss the remainder of the regular
6:53 pm
season with that right oblique strain. they took the field in detroit for their series finale with that news. and actually had a pretty good day on the field. 4-3 game. top of the sixth. the liner to center. jackson badry missed plays. it allows seth smith and donltson to score. they take the 6-3 lead and then in the nip. seth smith, a bases clearing double to right. the a's win 12-4. to the nfl where the 49ers' biggest obstacle in minnesota might be an emotional let-down. a trip to the metro dome is not as invigorating as a season opener in lamb beau or a home field opener under the lights. but greg roman isn't worried about his team answering the bell. >> i think our guys, you know, having watched the film of this team we're about to play, understand immediately that it will take their best effort.
6:54 pm
and you know, that's week in and week out. these guys, especially when they're in that dome. they definitely, you know, it definitely plays to their strength. we're having a good week of practice. and i think our players are dialed in. >> how about this 49ers-giants connection after yesterday's news? the qb alex smith was nearly fined $15,000 for wearing a giants hat to his postgame conference. bruce bochy wanted the resurgent qb to know he has his back. >> you know, alex, he supports us. so i'll support him. the giants are supporting them, too. so they're a great club. and it is an honor to wear it. >> one other nfl note. 20-0 is your score at the half in carolina. the giants all over the carolina panthers. that will do it for now from the xfinity sports desk.
6:55 pm
>> thanks so much. bruce bochy and sergio romo rocking the 49ers. for a full half-hour of local sports coverage, you can watch "sportsnet central" tonight.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
that's going to do it for us. we have more news coming up at 7:00 p.m. >> have a great evening. we hope to see you back here at 11:00 as well. >> good night.
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